Bear Hug Hunter Swaddle Baby


Coping Cuddles are handmade dolls, wonderful companions for little ones to love. Their small weighted plush swaddle shape allows them to be huggable. The soft simple make of the swaddle baby dolls give them a calming feel to help with coping skills. Coping Cuddle dolls help teach self soothing by comforting touch and refocusing by creative play. Great for play therapy. They are more than just a doll, leaving a lasting touch upon the minds and hearts of those that embrace them.


Materials: Knit Fabric, Stuffing, Doll Joint, Thread and Yarn

Face details are stitched onto the skin of each cuddle. They have a jointed neck to allow for head movement. Custom made with or without hair. Coping Cuddles swaddle baby without hair may be the best fit if you have a little one who is still enjoying the taste of everything. The hats and headbands are removable with colors varying as each is handmade and made to order. The Coping Cuddles tummy and face are made from a soft knit fabric. The swaddle babies are stuffed with pellets and polyfil.

Disclaimer: We ask as with all children's products, adult supervision is required during playtime to make sure the Coping Cuddles are being loved on and played with safely. Products that contain small parts may pose a choking hazard, hair tourniquet from the yarn and should not be used by children under 3.


Size: 10-11" Tall

Weight: approx. 11oz

Allow 1-2 weeks for Creation